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Transforming lives through sound financial stewardship and innovative business practices.

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Administrative Units Shared Service Center

Our team is responsible for assisting the units served in the areas of HR/Payroll, Grants Management, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Financial Reporting and Budgeting. Our goal is to provide efficient and effective financial and administrative services and solutions focused on unit needs and university-wide objectives.

Administrative Units Shared Service Center website

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Budget Planning

Our team is the leading supplier of decision support to the University for developing campus-wide budgets, analyzing fiscal policy, establishing strategies to effectively utilize resources, and communicating with external and internal customers concerning the University’s budget.


Budget Planning website

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Institutional Accounting, Reporting & Analysis (IARA)

Our team provides and promotes accurate accounting and financial reporting for WVU and WVU Research Corporation. We are committed to improving controls and providing superior analytical support and oversight of accounting functions to the campus.


Institutional Accounting, Reporting & Analysis (IARA) website

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Payroll & Employee Processing Services

Our team ensures that all employees are on-boarded in a timely and professional manner and compensated accurately for their service.

304.293.3379 x 1 - Payroll
304.293.3379 x 2 - Employee Processing

Payroll & Employee Processing Services website

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Revenue Services

Our team ensures that all employees are following university guidelines when handling funds on campus.


Revenue Services website

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Risk Management & Insurance

Our team seeks to protect the interests of WVU and the WVU Research Corporation through sound risk management practices and insurance programs provided by the WV Board of Risk & Insurance Management and select specialty insurance providers. We advise faculty and staff regarding ways to fulfill WVU’s educational mission with the least possible risk to the University.


Risk Management & Insurance website

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Sponsored Projects & Property Administration

Our team is dedicated to supporting the teaching, research and service missions of the WVU community by providing efficient and effective financial services, by enabling access to information and resources, and by promoting the financial health and security of each unit and of the University as a whole. We are a team of highly engaged professionals who are excited about the impact our work is having on the present and future.


Sponsored Projects & Property Administration website

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Tax Services

Tax Services is committed to delivering quality tax services surrounding the activities conducted while protecting the tax-exempt status & integrity of the University.

304.293.3379 x 3 Tax Services

Tax Services website

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Treasury Operations

Our team seeks to implement and sustain a modern treasury function for WVU and WVU Research Corporation.


Treasury Operations website

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